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What Are the Most Common Types of Outdoor Light Fixtures?

Outdoor lighting transforms residential and commercial properties. However, different fixtures work in specific settings. Read about the most common types of outdoor light fixtures to discover their purpose. Consider adding a fixture to your home or business.

Wall Lights

The most basic exterior fixtures are wall lights. Typically, they illuminate a home’s entrance as they attach to exterior walls. Practicality and visual appeal are two goals for wall lights. People can enter doorways without an issue and welcome guests to their space. Fixtures come in different designs to fit the appearance of homes.

String Lights

String lights offer illumination while creating a warm ambiance in outdoor seating areas like patios and decks. They’re ideal for places people don’t want too bright. For example, they work well for intimate dinner parties or small gatherings. Generally, many people enjoy the subtle beauty of string lights.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are the best for brightening large areas like driveways, patios, and sports venues. As the name implies, they work by “flooding” an area with lights. The fixtures are bright to maximize visibility. Although they can work for residential purposes, they’re perfect for commercial buildings as well. The extra illumination deters thieves and vandals.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are a common type of outdoor light fixture for residential and commercial properties. They ensure walkways are visible for aesthetic and safety purposes. At night, it’s easy to trip over rocks or obstructions, but pathway lights eliminate this danger. A row of beautiful lights leads people to entrances, patios, and decks.

Step Lights

Step lights allow people to navigate stairs and corridors in commercial spaces. Dimly lit stairs are trip and fall hazards in all settings. Fortunately, step lights ensure safety and security for people visiting buildings. The fixtures go on walls beside stairs or the fronts of stairs’ vertical faces. They emit a soft glow that’s bright enough to climb stairs.

Garden Lights

Garden lights highlight design elements inside gardens and make spaces appear larger. The fixtures serve functionality and decorative purposes. They provide light for nighttime navigation around the garden, perfect for hosting gatherings around the area. Furthermore, garden lights offer aesthetic appeal by brightening flowers, plants, and lawn décor.

Underwater Lights

Water features like ponds, pools, and fountains can look beautiful at night with underwater lights. The waterproof, leakproof, and rust-proof fixtures fit along walls of water features. They cast a bright light to produce optimal illumination. In most cases, underwater lights are for visual appeal because they offer a nice glow. However, they can also enhance visibility to prevent people from walking too close to pools or ponds.

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