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5 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is beautiful on residential and commercial properties. You want to keep your system for as long as possible. That said, you can prolong the lifespan of your landscape lights with basic maintenance. Read our five tips to properly maintain your outdoor lighting now!

Ensure Proper Installation

Unlike interior appliances, outdoor lighting is susceptible to more wear and tear. It encounters rain, wind, and other environmental conditions. To handle various conditions, you need safe and secure outdoor lights.

That’s why proper installation is essential for all systems. After all, you can’t get the most out of your lights without tightened bulbs and reliable wiring.

To ensure proper installation, you need a professional outdoor lighting contractor. At MC Lighting, our team uses modern techniques that a reliable.

Remove Debris From Fixtures

Properly maintain your outdoor lighting by removing debris from fixtures. Dust, dirt, animal droppings, and grass can cover landscape lights. Contaminants obscure bulbs, decreasing the lumens the lights give off.

The point of exterior lighting is to brighten landscapes, and you shouldn’t let grime affect lighting. Don’t let overgrown shrubbery and debris cover the system.

Make removing debris a part of your lawn maintenance routine. You’ll have a beautiful landscape with aesthetically pleasing lights.

Clean Glass Lenses

Removing debris reduces lighting obstruction, but cleaning glass lenses is also important. Use water and a soft cloth to wipe the lenses. This improves the appearance of fixtures and eliminates blockages. You should clean lenses once a month to ensure excellent illumination.

Reposition Lights When Needed

Things knock over fixtures or push them out of alignment. For example, kids playing in the yard, lawn equipment, or fallen tree limbs can affect fixtures. Periodically check your system and reposition lights if needed. Generally, you want bulbs pointing in the right direction to accurately illuminate your landscape.

Check for Compromised Fixtures

As mentioned, outdoor lighting is susceptible to more wear and tear than indoor systems. It’s essential to check for compromised fixtures and replace them.

Broken or cracked fixtures need replacements because chipped glass can injure people and animals. Dented or corroded metal isn’t appealing, and you can remove older parts.

It’s also best to check for exposed wires. Typically, landscape lighting has underground electrical wires to connect fixtures. People can trip over exposed wires and damage the entire system. If you suspect trouble, call the contractor to rebury wires.

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