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5 Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Some landscape lighting mistakes are obvious, while some are unnoticeable. By understanding the five common landscape lighting mistakes to avoid, you’ll be able to have a proper system! If you need help, contact a lighting contractor.

Not Using LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are better than traditional lighting. They’re energy efficient, eco-friendly, and bright! Not to mention, LEDs can withstand harsh weather and work at high and low temperatures. Some installation companies use halogen, fluorescent, or high-intensity discharge bulbs (HID). Though each option has benefits, nothing compares to LED bulbs.

Having Too Much Lighting

Lighting fixtures offer residents, customers, employees, and other visitors better visibility. Too much lighting has an adverse effect because it makes it more difficult for people to see. Lighting pollution obstructs vision and creates glares, washing out your property.

Be mindful of your landscape lighting. Ensure your fixtures don’t shine directly onto the road or a neighboring property. You don’t want to create road accidents or offend nearby neighbors.

Consider installing glare guards to prevent too much shine on top of considering lighting placement.

Using One Type of Fixture

Generally, your lighting fixtures should flow together or make a pattern. However, that doesn’t mean you need all the same fixtures. Needless to say, too much repetition is boring. Make your property stand out with a mixture of lighting fixtures. For example, in-ground lighting, string lights, poles, and tree ring fixtures make an excellent mix.

Improperly Mounting Lights

Lighting fixtures must be secure so that they don’t fall over or come up from the ground. Most issues concerning improper mounting happen along walkways. Landscape lighting in grass may create problems for landscapers because cutting the grass is challenging. They may accidentally knock over fixtures.

Furthermore, improper installation can lead to uneven light, which alters your original design. You need professionals to mount fixtures. Be sure to mention landscapers or lawn care services to installers. They’ll make sure everything is secure.

Working Without a Plan

The last landscape lighting mistake to avoid is working without a plan. Landscape lighting is challenging without expertise. When it comes to illuminating your property, you want unique lighting designs! Seek landscape lighting design services for the best results. MC Lighting proudly serves the Phoenix, Arizona, area and is here to help you! Give us a call soon.

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