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What To Consider When Hiring a Landscape Lighting Designer

Landscaping renovations can become a timely and expensive endeavor, so you need to hire the right person for the job. While you can perform most of your landscaping yourself, more technical and tedious work should be in the hands of a professional with experience and knowledge. So, here are things to consider when hiring a professional landscape lighting designer.

Check References & Contractor Qualifications

Before you hire the first contractor you see, review their qualifications and references. Skilled designers and contractors confidently steer new customers to their previous clients to recommend their work. Moreover, they should have relevant licenses, registrations, and extensive landscaping experience.

Establish Effective Communication

It’s no secret that communication is critical for hiring a landscape lighting contractor. Ask important questions about their services, their expertise, and anything specific to your personal preferences. You might ask them about how they communicate and follow up and their timeframe for your project.

Ask About Warranties

When hiring a landscape lighting designer, you should consider the warranty for your lighting system. Your lighting should last more than a couple of years, so ensure that you have a quality lifetime warranty covering services, including installation and fixture repairs. You need to ensure that you have a system that lasts.

Only Sign a Detailed, Thorough Contract

Every contractor should have a detailed contract that covers precisely what needs to occur throughout the installation process. It should include specific details such as payment schedules, materials used, and deadlines.

Thoroughly inspect every detail of your contract, as you don’t want to overlook hidden fees and suspicious behavior. Moreover, if any changes are made along the way during your landscape lighting plan, a “change order” must be in writing that includes any changes in cost, labor, and materials.

MC Lighting Design is a Phoenix-based company that strives for the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. We are passionate about creating functionality and design for the ideal lighting system. Our professional landscape lighting design services help you light the way to your home with beautiful, eye-catching lighting systems.

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